Authorized Gold Tone, Wood Song, and Ramirez dealer. 

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Welcome to the New Banjo Lemonade! 

You will still have access to all the free Youtube lessons and I will continue to add new lessons there.  Here you can purchase banjos, and much more as well as contact me.  This website is still under construction and I will be adding to it daily until I get everything on here.  You can now purchase banjos, guitars, and everything Gold Tone offers and sells through me.  Thanks Mandy


Dealer info

BL is your source for open back banjos, as well as clawhammer lessons.   I sell the entire line of Gold Tone banjos and instruments, WoodSong guitars, and Ramirez guitars.  I am an authorized dealer and you can bet that I stand behind everything I personally sell you.  I am accessible via email 24/7.  I will get back with you within 24 hours (normally within a few hours).  All info on my contact page. 

Banjos, banjos, and more banjos! 

If you LOVE banjos you have come to the right place.  Here at BL you can expect the lowest prices on the internet.  That, combined with awesome service, and free banjo lessons with each banjo sold!!  Yep that's right folks, I said FREE lessons.  If you buy a banjo from me you will get a free Banjo Lemonade case sticker, and FREE access to my clawhammer lessons that will keep you busy for a year or more. 

FREE SHIPPING (US)  International Customers get $25.00 credit

for all instrument purchases. 

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With every banjo purchased you get Free Lessons, a Free BL case sticker, my MP3 play alongs, and :


Either a FREE Padded Gig Bag



Upgrade to a HARD case for only $50 more


For INTERNATIONAL customers you get : free video lessons, free MP3 play alongs, same deal on free padded gig bag or hardcase for $50 and


A $25.00 shipping credit to offset some of your costs.