1. Title 1
    Title 1
Banjo Lemonade
My name is Mandy and I'm here to show you how I play the banjo.  I would say teach, but that's not really what I want to call it.  I'll show you how I do it just like the old-timers did, only without you sittin' next to me on the porch.  So if you wanna see more just take a look around.  
  1. Meet Mandy
    Meet Mandy
    Read my boring bio, find out what I do, have done, and plan to do. Just click About.
  2. Ebook and Vid Lessons
    Ebook and Vid Lessons
    Ok here's where you go to get my bread n' butter. You can get my vids, ebook, or both. Click on services then lessons.
  3. Buy Banjo's
    Buy Banjo's
    I'm a Gold Tone, WoodSong, and Ramirez dealer. Anything any of these folks make I can get you a great deal on. Click on services then banjos.
  1. Easy Clawhammer Banjo Lesson 1
    A quick rundown of how to play clawhammer banjo.
  2. Parts of a banjo
    Here's me explaining the parts of the banjo.