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About Me

Hey y’all, I’m Mandy.  I’ve been tinkering with banjos since 2003.  
I’ve played clawhammer and Scruggs style.  I prefer playing mostly clawhammer and doing a little picking along with it.  I don’t use any fingerpicks, though I have in the past for Scruggs style.  
I’ve been in a few groups, played a few places, and just all around enjoy playing and sitting with others.  
I began posting lesson vids round about 2010 or so.  I’ve had students come to my home for lessons, done skype lessons all around the world, but now I’m only doing video lessons.  
I have a few things to hawk as far as a vid lessons pack and an ebook.  
I have been married a long time and we have a daughter.  We have 2 dogs and we live in a little (under 900 sq ft) log home in the mountains of N. Ga at the NC and TN borders.  Tri-state area.  
That’s about all, I lead a simple life.  
I love Jesus and hope that you know Him also.  If you ever want me to pray for you, talk to you about Jesus, or lead you toward Him you can always get me via email.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding this!  I will even do a rare phone conversation if need be to aid you in your walk toward Jesus.