FAQ Page


This place is free.  There are no FAQ's.  Haha, seriously though just go through the videos slowly and repeat them over and over if necessary. 

Mandy - why am I starting to see ads and junk all over the place??  Hey guys - this is a totally free site, so I've got to put them up to keep the site going and to be able to continue to add videos and information.  I have put a lot into this site and I will continue it as long as I am able, but doing all this and paying for all my equipment and junk is a pain.  I totally wish I was rich and could just spend all my time doing this without ever asking for anything, but hey I'm going to try and put up ads that are useful to you.  I use these products that you see and recommend them, so if you need any of this stuff do me a favor and just check it out through my site first.  If you like it and decide to purchase, then I get a tiny little kickback to help keep Banjo Lemonade going.  


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